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Elevate Laptop Stand

Built with high-quality aluminum alloy, sturdy and lightweight. The Elevate multi-purpose laptop stand helps you bring your laptop, tablet, or even books to your eye level, helping you maintain a good posture.

Easy to expand and collapse build makees it easily fit even in your backpack. Wherever you decide to work next, be it your home, cafe or the airport, Elevate laptop stand helps you to set up your own ergonomic workspace.

Elevate Laptop Stand

Adjust it to your perfect height

Elevate laptop stand has more than fifty height combinations allowing you to prop up your laptop to the perfect height that suits you.

With you whenever you need it

Ability to collapse into the size of a ruler gives you the ultimate portability and versatility. Your laptop stand is ready to go wherever you go.

Minimal looks, maximum functionality

An origami-like design makes it easy to expand and collapse, and the rubber-edged grabbers hold your laptop securely in place. Ability to hold most laptop sizes and supports weights up to 20kg

Elevate Laptop Stand

$49 only

Group 7.webp

Two levels of height adjustments

Group 5.webp

Rubberised feet and grips

Sway Monitor Arm Screen Sizes

Supports all sizes of laptops

Sway Monitor Arm Weight

Supports weights up to 20kg


Free carry pouch included

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Laptop Stand 2.webp
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