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Meticulously designed and built to last. Each part of the desk is carefully put together to enhance the usability and durability of the desk. NorticDesk boasts to be the most sturdy and stable standing desk and lives up to its reputation.

NorticDesk Pro Extended With Bamboo Top

NorticDesk Pro Extended frame

Bamboo Ergo Curve top

The centerpiece of your ergonomic workspace

Our feature-packed Nortic Desk frame is a solid base for any workspace. 

Whether you use it for productivity, creativity, or gaming, our desks can be customized to meet your needs. We provide a variety of table tops in various colors and sizes for you to design your own workspace.

Built to last

Over the years, we have improved our frames to be the most stable and durable standing desk. We continuously innovate and improve our products to guarantee an enhanced user experience

What sets NorticDesk frame apart from the rest

NorticDesk Pro Extended frame

Pro Extended Frame

Stability brace

Steel reinforcements are tucked under the desktop to eliminate side-to-side wobble and to give extra strength

Dual motors

All Nortic desks come with two motors (a motor in each leg). It makes the desk stronger, faster, and more reliable

Inverted multi-stage legs

This design allows us to add braces for extra stability.

With 3 stages, our Pro Extended frames operate 33% faster and have a wider height range compared to 2-stage Pro frames

Improved feet

Redesigned slanted feet provides improved aesthetics and extra safety from accidents

Standing Desk With Programmable Handset

All our standing desks come with Programmable Memory Handsets. Allowing you to store up to four different height presets. You can change the height of the desk to your desired position with a single press of a button, allowing you to move easily from sit or stand position.


The digital display will show the current height of the desk (excluding the table top height). After being idle for 10 seconds, the display will turn itself off to save power.

Memory Handset


Up and Down Buttons


Digital Display


Memory Preset Buttons

Active Anti-Collision

Active Anti-Collision system detects any obstacles while the desk is in motion and stops to avoid any damage or injury, protecting what matters.

Anti Collision System
NorticDesk Dual Motor Support

Dual Motor Support

All NorticDesk Pro series desks are equipped with not just one, but two motors tucked inside the frame. Resulting in a quiet, smooth, and reliable lifting force.

Child Lock Feature

Child lock system allows you to lock your desk to prevent any accidental presses on the handset

Lock Table

Pro vs Pro Extended

NorticDesk Pro Frame



NorticDesk Pro Extended Frame

Pro Extended

* both frames available in black and white color

$495 only

$595 only


Need your own sit-stand desk setup?

Build your very own desk by adding beautiful table tops and add ons.

Use our NorticDesk builder to customize your desk the way you like.

Feature Comparison



Pro extended 

Height Range

Height range


Suits the needs of most people


Extended range to fit various needs

Leg Columns

Leg stages

2 stage column

Supports standard height range and speeds

3 stage column

Supports extended height range and faster speeds

Operation Speed

Operation speed

20mm per second

Standard operation speed

30mm per second

Faster operation speed

Dual Motors

Dual motor design

A motor in each leg

Dual motor design is faster, quieter and more reliable

Lifting Capacity

Lifting capacity

100kg lifting power

High weight tolerance to handle any desk set up

For reference: a 24 inch monitor weights about 5kg

Memory Handset

Memory handset

4 programmable preset heights

All NorticDesks come with programmable memory handsets, with a display that shows the current height of the desk. You can record up to 4 preset heights

Anti-collision Sensor


Superior anti-collision system

Detects any resistance and stops motion to prevent injury or damage

Whisper Quiet

Whisper quiet

Less than 50dB noise while in motion

While in motion, the ultra-quiet motors make less noise than a fridge

Improved Feet

Feet design

Modern feet design

Improved feet design for better aesthetics and safety

Width Adjustment

Width adjustment

110cm - 180cm

Supports table tops of various sizes

feature comparison

Frame measurements

Side Profile

NorticDesk Pro

NorticDesk Pro Side Profile

NorticDesk Pro Extended

NorticDesk Pro Extended Side Profile

Front Profile

NorticDesk Pro & Pro Extended

NorticDesk Front Profile

Both NorticDesk Pro & Pro Extended versions can support table tops wider than 110cm (length) and 60cm (depth). For optimal stability, we suggest using table tops not larger than 80cm180cm.

Top Profile

NorticDesk Pro & Pro Extended

NorticDesk Top Frame Dimentions

Please note that for optimal stability, NorticDesk feet are 70cm long. Therefore, if you choose a table top of 60cm, the feet will be slightly longer than the table top. This will not affect the usage of the desk.

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